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Since 2015, I've been working hard to solve problems for my clients. My early work focused on workflow optimization and reducing workload on office staff. That means a bit of scripting, cutting down on the repetitive work of formatting and analyzing data. My work has grown to include custom Web and Desktop applications for my clients. Simple websites, project/case management tools, legacy software maintenance, scripts/macros for Microsoft Office products.

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Websites and Web Apps.

I build custom Websites and Web Apps for businesses to meet their specific needs. I will work with you to create the custom functionality that you need.

Chat enabled, Blog functionality, site Accounts.

Chat is in the bottom right corner. Unfortunately I may not always be listening.

Applications and Services

Sometimes you don't need Web accessible tools. It may be that your office doesn't have reliable internet or you have technicians that are in the field without cellular access. A desktop or server application does the job.

  • Website scraping.
  • Data entry/manipulation
  • Office Productivity tools
  • Third party API interface

Database and SQL

Excel can only hold so much data and Access just isn't as powerful as a full fledged Database system. Once your business graduates to SQL or noSQL you need someone to handle the unique challenges associated.

I Optimize scipts and stored procedures, Build complex queries specific to client business logic, and help Troubleshoot.

Office Productivity and Scripting.

Often times office work involves repetitive and tedious tasks. Reorganizing data, formatting reports, copy and pasting.

I provide clients with shortcuts, scripting that accomplishes the same tasks.

  • Reduced time to complete.
        One client saw greater than 99% reduction in time from a single script.
        Taking a task that required more than a day to complete down to 30 seconds.
  • Reduced errors handling data
  • Consistent formatting

Powerful Tech

  • Using the Latest .NET frameworks
  • Tried and true tech. Ample resources making development fast and reliable
  • Easy to Find Resources for large scale projects


  • Reliable version control to track project progress
  • Easy to Share. Making work available at all stages.
  • Private Repos keep the work you paid in your control.

Reliable hosting

  • Reputable hosting service. SmarterASP.NET.
  • 99.9% Uptime guaranteed or you get free hosting.
  • Affordable plans starting at $2.95/mo.

Contact Info

Joshua Bollman
Phone: 402-555-0000
Address: Lincoln-Omaha, NE