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Joshua Bollman

This is a fun picture from several years ago with my two lovely sisters.

I'm the owner/founder and currently the sole developer for Bollman IT Solutions.

Software Career

I began my software career with freelancing. I looked for online platforms to find businesses and individuals that needed my skills. I started creating VBA enhanced Excel files to Analyze, Manipulate, and Report, helping my clients work on the really important things for their businesses. I moved to more and more complex projects Fixing Legacy Code in VB6.

Eventually I got a full-time role with a Medical Testing company to do scripting and other development work to improve their processes. I awaited approval to install Visual Studio so I could develop full applications in C#. I began with converting some of the scripts into Console Applications that could be scheduled to run. I started developing a WPF application to allow the lab staff to generate better quality data with more immediate feedback.

I moved on to another Software Development role in the Financial Industry. I worked on banking systems for disputing Credit Card transactions. Interfacing with VISA and other 3rd party banking systems. A majority of my work was on backend systems, running calculations, pulling data from Connectware. I worked on site at several large bank clients, Gathering Requirements, providing Technical Support, and getting User Feedback.

Currently, I continue working freelance projects. I now work on Point of Sale systems.

Contact Info

Joshua Bollman
Phone: 402-555-0000
Address: Lincoln-Omaha, NE